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Golden Standard

When the "Golden Standard" is not so golden... Most sailors seem to rely on the Loos gauge assuming it's perfect. While all tools are expected to have some tolerance error, these two examples show a significant departure from the expected reading. One, measuring in lb-force, should read "28" at 390 lb-force tension in a 1/8" cable. It actually reads "25". The other, measuring in kg-force, should read "28" at 190 kg-force in a 3mm cable. It actually reads "26". (Note that the digital readings are slightly higher because the tension goes up as you attach the tool. Also, if that was the actual tension, the Loos gauge should read higher, not lower.) In addition, these tools cannot be recalibrated, so you're stuck with an incorrect reading, and most of the time you won't even be aware of it. Caveat emptor!

Bad Loos Readings lbs.jpeg
Bad Loos Readings kgs.jpeg
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