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How we produce the Tyte One



The Tyte One tension gauge consists of an existing tool modified with a professional spring manufactured specifically for Tyte Tools. The spring is significantly sturdier than the one in the existing tension gauges for sailing.  It also exhibits less spring creep, thus holding calibration longer.  And, if you want to build, calibrate, and test your own tool, the spring rate constant is 67Nmm/deg or 0.6 lb-in/deg.



Subsequently, we calibrate the preload to achieve a precise reading.  We test and calibrate our tools using a cable under known tension employing a custom-built rig.  We also realize that we are not the first to build a sailing tensiometer and that many sailors use other premium brands.  As such, the scale of our tensiometer matches those other tools.  However, using a conversion table, a user can convert the reading into Kg-force, lb-force or Newtons.



Finally, the tools are tested against an aircraft-grade professional digital tensiometer to verify the calibration.  We also realize that these tools take a lot of abuse by being dropped on land, in the water, in sailing bags, or worse.  While we expect the tools to maintain their calibration for a long time even under these conditions, we also plan to offer a recalibration service at some point in the future.

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