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The Tyte One
has arrived.

Professional sailing tension gauge at an amateur price.


What is a tension gauge (tensiometer) good for?

In competitive sailing, a properly tuned boat is critical. One of the easiest, but most consequential adjustments is getting the right rake with the proper jib tension.  This is where a tension gauge comes in: by measuring the tension of the shrouds, the wires that hold the mast straight and back, we can find how tight the jib is, and using a simple measuring tape, how raked the mast is.  However, current tension gauges cost more than $150, meaning that many sailors cannot afford to have access to accurate tension gauges, preventing them from being able to tune their boats properly.

For Sailing and Beyond

The Tyte One tension gauge is designed specifically to provide an easy and affordable way to measure shroud tension in sailboats.  It can be used on a variety of boats including 420s, 470s, 49ers, J/22s, J/30s, RS 400s, Albacores, Melges 15, Flying Fifteen, A-cats, and other sailing boats. However, the Tyte One tension gauge can also be used for non-sailing applications such as gymnastics equipment, railing balustrades, and any other applications that use steel cables between 2.5mm and 4.0mm (3/32" and 1/8") diameter with tensions between 33Kg-f - 250Kg-f (325N - 2450N, 72lb-f - 550lb-f)

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